"Let's Read Together"
Bibliophiles of America, BOOKS-A-GO GO, Inc.

BOOKS-A-GO GO has been able to create a new program called, " Let's Read Together."  Although BOOKS-A-GO GO gives books to children to own, we are also able to suppement the libraries of the schools and organizations that support children from low socioeconomic backgrounds. 

BOOKS-A-GO GO has received donations of new books, and we knew that we wanted to use this donation in a unique way.

A teacher's ideal learning situation is for the whole class to have a copy of the same book and be able to read it together. 

That is how "Let's Read Together " started.  We are giving sets of books to schools for them to keep so all the teachers will be able to use them for their classrooms.  After the teachers have used the books, the book sets remain in the school library for future years.

BOOKS-A-GO GO is pleased to thank publishers who generously donate books to us.

Bibliophiles of America, BOOKS-A-GO GO, Inc. appreciates the confidence and trust of those who support our efforts so we can support literacy programs for children in need. 

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