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BOOKS-A-GO GO's goal is to have book drives across the country, collecting books no longer used, and giving them to the millions of children who cannot afford them.  Let's work together and recycle for literacy! 

Many thanks to the hundreds of people who have been having book drives across the country!  We have heard from so many that have collected books, and then given them to a local charity where the books will go to low income children.  The letters from these agencies acknowledging the books was heartwarming!

BOOKS-A-GO GO collects books year round.   

NORTHEAST FLORIDA -                
               - St. John's County Public Library in Ponte Vedra           
 Please contact us if you want to have a BOOKS-A-GO GO book donation bin in your community!
" How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world."
                         -Anne Frank

Most of us do not realize that thousands of children living within a few miles of our homes may not even own one book!  We tend to be familiar with our immediate neighborhood area, and are not aware that many local children do not have books in their homes.

    This is a very real situation throughout the country.  It is important for children to have access to books.  Many children cannot get to a library, and with their families limited resources, they don't own books. 

Many times, the parents cannot read, so there is no reading material in the home.  No magazines, books or newspapers.  It is important for children to have books at home, so they can improve their reading ability.  The book's subject can expose them to a new place, help them understand their feelings, teach them valuable life lessons and just entertain them!
Although this is a sad situation, we can change it!  

BOOKS-A-GO GO can be a service project
for your organization or school, or just as an individual effort.

BOOKS-A-GO GO is changing lives, and we need your help.

BOOKS-A-GO GO also wants to hear from organizations and schools serving children from low income families that need books.  BOOKS-A-Go Go provides books to schools, and a variety of organizations. 

If you want to volunteer for BOOKS-A-Go Go, have children's books to donate, want to find out about the needs in your community, or want to donate to BOOKS-A-Go Go, please contact us at

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