Magic Tree House Gift of Books

                      MARY POPE OSBORNE'S
   Your Title 1 Classroom may qualify for a GIFT OF BOOKS!

BOOKS-A-GO GO is proud to partner with Mary Pope Osborne to provide books and other educational resources for the classrooms of the Title 1 schools.    

For years BOOKS-A-GO GO has been working with Mary Pope Osborne, beloved author of the Magic Tree House series, to get books into the hands of underserved children across the country.

The award winning Magic Tree House books have been translated into over 32 languages and have sold over 100 million copies.  Mary Pope Osborne has been a champion for literacy by providing thousands of books to children in need.  

These exciting books have turned thousands of children on to reading.  Children of all ages love reading about Jack and Annie visiting their "magic" tree house,  that leads them on adventures around the world and throughout history..

The Classroom Adventure Program is Mary Pope Osborne's 20th anniversary gift to teachers who have inspired her with their dedication to their students and creative use of Magic Tree House in the classroom. The program provides a comprehensive set of resources that allows teachers to use kids' love of Jack and Annie's adventures to stimulate interest in subjects across the entire curriculum.

These resources are free of charge and include:

* A complete "Curriculum Key" that classifies every Magic Tree House book and non-fiction 
   Fact Tracker with regard to subjects and core curriculum standards.
* A Reading Level Guide for all books in the series.
 *Individual Lesson Plans for each book including Lesson Plans for Special Education   

In addition, through Mary Pope Osborne's Gift of Books Program, Mary provides for a gift of Magic Tree House books to children in Title 1 and other underserved schools across the country.

For access to the supporting resources available free of charge and to apply for your grant of Magic Tree House books, please click on the "Classroom Adventures Program" badge below on this page, and reference BOOKS-A-GO GO in your Gift of Books application.  
Copyright 2012, Mary Pope Osborne, all rights reserved.  Illustrations; copyright 2012 Sal Murdoca. Copyright 1995-2012 Random House, Inc.  All rights reserved
         Remember these books are free to you and
              your Title 1 classroom,  just apply!

BOOKS-A-GO GO is pleased to have Mary Pope Osborne, and Natalie Pope Boyce on our advisory board.  Mary Pope Osborne is the author of the Magic Tree House Series, and her sister Natalie Pope Osborne writes the Magic Tree House Fact Trackers.  Osborne and Boyce have been very active promoting literacy for all children, and BOOKS-A-GO GO is pleased to work with them.

" Every year, BOOKS-A-GO GO gives away thousands of books to children who cannot afford them.  BOOKS-A-GO GO's method of collection and distribution is innovative and effective.  And the books they give to children are changing young lives, as they promote literacy and a love of reading.  I can't think of a better mission."   Mary Pope Osborne
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