What do people say about BOOKS-A-GO GO?

"Every year, BOOKS-A-GO GO gives away thousands of books to children who cannot afford them.  BOOKS-A-GO GO's method of collection and distribution is innovative and efective.  And the books they give to children are changing young lives., as they promote literacy and a love of reading.  I can't think of a better mission."
                      - Mary Pope Osborne, author of the Magic Treehouse Series. 

" Just think about how many children would be bookless without BOOKS-A-GO GO.....
Just think about how many childrens imaginations are sparked because of BOOKS-A-GO GO Go."
      - HENRY WINKLER , the "FONZ" is co-author of the best selling Hank Zipzer children's books, and a member of our BOOKS-A-Go Go Advisory Board.

" Nothing is more satisfying than putting books into a children's hands.  BOOKS-A-GO GO makes a difference in children's lives."
   -  SUSAN ELIZABETH PHILLIPS is a New York Times best selling author of romance and women's novels.  Susan helped to write BOOKS-A-GO GO 's first press release, and worked with BOOKS-A-GO GO providing  expertise and advice to collect books.  Susan's initial help with  BOOKS-A-GO GO was key to our initial success, and she continues to support our efforts.  Susan is a member of our BOOKS-A-GO GO Advisory Board.

" I am well aware of the positive impact that the BOOKS-A-GO GO organization has on our community and youth.  I support the mission of your organization and encourage you to keep up this very important work."
  John Peyton, Former Mayor of Jacksonville  Florida

" We are making a conscious effort to instill a "love of reading" in our children.  The only way to accomplish this goal is to surround our children with a variety and abundance of reading material.
 Unfortunately, our children's homes are void of providing print-rich environments.  With that in mind, the responsibility rests with the school and organizations, such as BOOKS-A-GO GO to meet that need.
 As you know, READING remains the area of learning that has the greatest impact upon the success of a child's future.  
 Thank you for all that you are doing to make a difference in the lives of our children.
           - Linda Dacks, Resident Clinical Faculty, Pine  Estates  Elementary, 
University of North  Florida.                                                                             

-"BOOKS-a-GO GO is still going.  Its catchy name caught on with thousands of people..........."
         -from newspaper article by Sandy Strickland, The Florida Times Union. 

   Thank you so much for including the students in your BOOKS-A-GO GO book giveaway.  Our students were very excited about getting a book to keep and take home.  It helped us emphasize the importance of continuing to read during the summer months.  The Coaches at San Jose set the books up and then invited the children by classrooms to come up and select a book.  To see their faces as they found a title they liked was just awesome!  Our children don't necessarily have the means to go shopping with mom and dad to get books they can call their own.  This book will sit in their room and they will be able to call it their own. 
With organizations like yours our children will have opportunities they might miss otherwise.  Thank you for being a giving organization that works for the betterment of our children."
     Debbi Cobbin, Principal, San Jose Elementary, Jacksonville  Florida

"With all the brouhaha about Jacksonville's sky-high illiteracy rate, you may be surprised to learn kids still do actually read books.  It's more difficult for those living in poverty, however.  That's where Betty Metz, Chairman of the School Advisory council for West Jacksonville Elementary School, and her BOOKS-A-Go Go program come in.  BOOKS-A-GO GO a community wide book drive, collects and distributes books to low-income families.    ....METZ   "...for the (low income) children that I am targeting. Just kind of work on the basics--Be positive, believe in themselves, believe they can do anything.  That's what we say.  The book you donate could change a child's life."
   Richard David Smith, Folio Weekly 

I would like to thank you so much for the books you donated for our Kindergarten -3rd Grade classrooms.  (Note, BOOKS-A-GO GO ran out of  4-5th grade books)
 As the Reading Coach, I realize the importance of children having access to books at all times.  Many of our children do not have any books at home and no way to get to a public library, so this may be the only book in the house. 
We let each child pick the book he/she wanted to take home.  To say they were thrilled would be an understatement.  The looks in their eyes and the smiles on their faces showed this book was to become something treasured.  One first grader said to me, "Now we have a book in our house!"  That humbled me when I thought of all the books my children and grandchildren have.
Thank you again for making our children happy and for helping to create a more literate society."
     Cheryl Tuttle, Reading Coach, San Jose Elementary School, Jacksonville Florida.

 ......Thanks you for considering us part of this wonderful project and making us feel special....  Thank you for your hard work and efforts to make reading a learning priority."
 - Sheridan Brown, Principal, Central Riverside Elementary School
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